Buggy Excursion: CHJIRAT - Tangier - 3 hours

From EUR €98.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Tangier, Tangier
  • Product code: BECH3H
Mnar CASTLE Activities will take you through CHJIRAT track, a beautiful route in little country roads across one of the few places you can have a full view of the Northern Bride & its bay. From Mnar CASTLE we will drive through mountains, through forests, where your eyes will roam freely in the stupendous, mightly impressing landscape, in one side the beautiful rolling hills of EL BAHRAOUYINE, in the other, the Mediterranean announces the first steps into another continent, another country & another culture.

●        Encounter at Mnar CASTLE

●        Welcoming Buffet

●        Briefing & group division

●        Departure from Mnar CASTLE

●        15 minutes stop at the wind farm BENI MEJMEL

●        15 minutes coffee break at CHEJIRAT forest

●        Arrival to Mnar CASTLE